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Fundraising Ideas
Raise Money Selling Cookie Dough and More

Mission Trip Fundraisers

Mission Trip Fundraising Made Easy

Fundraising for your mission trip doesn’t have to be Mission: Impossible.

Your youth group is looking forward to this incredible opportunity, and you don’t want anyone to miss out because family finances were too tight. So let’s do fundraising better!

Neighbors offers you lots of great product options to raise money for your mission trip. Fundraising with our cookie dough and tasty snacks will help you haul in the revenue you need to meet your goals and be off on your group’s life-changing journey.

Anyone can get involved. Our system is simple and useful for all who wish to help participate in the mission trip fundraiser:

  • Youth Group Leaders

  • Church Camp Organizers

  • Church Event Organizers

  • Youth and Student Volunteers

  • Parents of mission trip travelers

Let’s Make It Happen

We’ve got solutions for you. Neighbors offers data entry, pack by student, and prize programs that are designed to reduce your workload and grow your sale. Spend more time selling and less time messing with the paperwork!

You can also customize your mission trip fundraiser based on the number of participants and your goals. Fill out the form to the right to get an idea of how much other groups have been able to raise.

As soon as you’re ready, our fundraising experts are standing by to get your fundraiser up and running.

Ready to get started?