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Cheesecake Fundraisers

Cheesecakes Fundraiser | Made to Please

Looking for a simpler, more efficient way to raise funds for your group? By offering our tart, decadent cheesecakes, you’ll raise funds for your group or cause while giving people the sweet satisfaction of digging into these silky smooth desserts.

With an assortment of flavor options, our cheesecake catalog continues our theme of sweet fundraiser ideas. You have several awesome options to choose from:

  • New York, New York (Plain)
  • Turtle-centric
  • Chocolate Swirl
  • Strawberry Dreams
  • All-Aboard Assortment Pack

If your fundraising efforts need a boost, you can’t get much richer than cheesecake, right?

How We Do It

Our system allows you to plan and execute profitable and successful fundraising campaigns with an affordable product that everyone can enjoy. The great part is, these fundraisers require a minimal volunteer team to sell and a simple distribution model. Spend more time selling and less time messing with the paperwork!

We Offer:

  • Data entry
  • Pack by student
  • Prize programs that are designed to reduce your workload and grow your sale.

Ready to roll?

Connect with us and let’s find out how much you can make today!


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