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Popcorn Fundraiser

Raise Funds with A Popcorn Fundraiser

“Pop” quiz: Fundraising should be A) Complicated and difficult to organize, or B) Simple and delicious. If you answered B, we like your thinking! And you’ll probably like ours.

With Neighbors Cookies, you have a buttery golden opportunity to make your fundraising efforts shine. Our popcorn fundraisers allow groups to plan and execute profitable and successful fundraising campaigns, made easy with delicious snacks that everyone loves.

Start Your Popcorn Fundraiser!

With a popular snack like flavored popcorn, you’ll appeal to a wide range of customers. Whether your group is a handful of club members or a whole school, we can help you scale your fundraising plan to fit your financial goals and reach your fullest fundraising potential.

We also help you out with guidance on supporting and promoting to your sales team with things like scripts for morning announcements to read to the student body for a school fundraiser.

With nearly 20 years of excellence, Neighbors Cookies believes in the success of your group. Help us help you – we support your needs with a world-class product and quick delivery. Let’s kick off your sale and start moving toward those fundraising goals!

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