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About Us

Neighbors, LLC

At Neighbors LLC, we are all part of a dynamic effort focused on producing superior quality cookie dough and state-of-the-art customer support services that help our customers deliver essential, revenue generating programs to their clients. The guiding principles of Neighbors LLC, our culture, and our employee ethic, are critical to the success of our mission.  Our shared vision and collaboration assure our shareholders that we will consistently produce safe, high quality products, delivered through an exceptional customer focused system, on trend with consumer expectations and demand.

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Here is a little Crazy About Cookies wisdom...If you are too busy to laugh, you are too busy!

Here at Neighbors, we love to laugh, and we love making the best cookie dough on the planet. Sure we have the tried and true classics, but we’ve blended these favorites with a whole lotta fortuitous swoon! We’ve also worked to innovate new flavors that we’re convinced will become the new heirloom recipes for our generation.

Our goal is to infuse excitement, enthusiasm, and passion into all we do. And all we do is make cookies! Some say we’re crazy. We agree. We’re Crazy About Cookies!