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Our Manufacturing Plant

Our Facility

Neighbors, LLC cookie dough manufacturing plant is located in beautiful West Monroe, Louisiana. Our manufacturing plant is approximately 78,000 square feet and is capable of producing well over 100 million pounds of cookie dough each year. Located on the premises is one of the largest freezer warehouses in the North Louisiana/South Arkansas area. The freezer is capable of storing well over 2,500 full pallets of product at any given time.

Geographical Advantages

West Monroe, Louisiana is located just off the Interstate 20 corridor in the Northeastern part of Louisiana. Our plant is less than a mile from I-20, which allows for quick unloading and loading of truckloads of goods. By being so close to I-20, our products move quickly to major transportation hubs like Memphis, Dallas, Atlanta, and Houston, which allows for our products to move across the country quickly.

Skilled Employees

We have enjoyed a long history in West Monroe, Louisiana having opened our business here in 1998. Many of our employees have worked at Neighbors for years and are, as a result, are highly skilled in all facets of our manufacturing process. We really do enjoy a family atmosphere and actually look forward to coming to work and making great cookie dough. How many people can actually say they get to make cookie dough for a living? We are proud to say we do!

Quality Standards

Perhaps our proudest achievement occurred when we were awarded Level 2 certification as a Safe Quality Food (SQF) manufacturer. SQF standards are exhaustive, rigorous, and extensive, but our entire team worked for months to meet all SQF standards. Quality is simply part of our culture and is rigorously guarded by every employee at Neighbors, LLC.

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Here is a little Crazy About Cookies wisdom...If you are too busy to laugh, you are too busy!

Here at Neighbors, we love to laugh, and we love making the best cookie dough on the planet. Sure we have the tried and true classics, but we’ve blended these favorites with a whole lotta fortuitous swoon! We’ve also worked to innovate new flavors that we’re convinced will become the new heirloom recipes for our generation.

Our goal is to infuse excitement, enthusiasm, and passion into all we do. And all we do is make cookies! Some say we’re crazy. We agree. We’re Crazy About Cookies!