Church Choir Fundraisers

Hit the Right Notes With Our Church Choir Fundraisers

Planning a great church choir trip takes weeks of planning, and it also takes funds to cover the travel and meal expenses. While we can’t help you with the singing part (trust us on that one), we can definitely help you raise the funds you need! Our church choir fundraisers are designed to help you raise money quickly and easily, so you can get back to rehearsals and planning your trip.

Anyone can get involved. Our system is simple and useful for all who wish to help participate in the church choir fundraiser. From adults to youth to children, we’ve got a plan and a program that works for all ages. And no matter how large or small your group is, we can help you fundraiser meet and exceed your funding goals.

Neighbors offers you lots of great product options to raise money for your church choir. Fundraising with our cookie dough and tasty snacks will help you haul in the revenue you need to meet your fundraising goals in no time.

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