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Worship Event Fundraisers

Make Your Worship Event More Impactful with our Worship Event Fundraisers

Planning a great worship event takes tons of time and, more often than not, tons of money. Here at Neighbors Cookies, we don’t want money to get in the way of your next worship event! We’ve helped hundreds of churches raise funds for worship events with our Worship Event Fundraisers.

Since 1998, our fundraising programs have helped groups raise over $500 million. Our years of fundraising experience can help your worship team raise the funds you need quickly and easily so you can get back to creating an impactful event.

Let’s Make It Happen

We’ve got solutions for you. Neighbors Cookies offers data entry, pack by seller, and prize programs that are designed to reduce your workload and grow your sale. Spend more time selling and less time messing with the paperwork!

You can also customize your worship event fundraiser based on the number of participants and your goals. Fill out the form to the right to get an idea of how much other groups have been able to raise.

As soon as you’re ready, our fundraising experts are standing by to get your fundraiser up and running.

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