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Fundraising Ideas
Raise Money Selling Cookie Dough and More

Fraternity and Sorority Fundraisers

Raise Funds for Your Fraternity or Sorority Service Project

fraternity and sorority fundraisersAh the Greek life. Equal parts fun and equal parts service. If your fraternity or sorority has a special service project that needs funds, then you’ve come to the right place! We can help you spread smiles all over campus with our delicious cookie dough and other delectable products. So give your fellow students something delicious while you raise the funds you need in support of your project.

Our Fraternity and Sorority Fundraisers are specifically designed with you in mind as our approach is to remove the “heavy-lifting” required in a typical fundraiser so you can quickly make the money you need and get back to the other aspects of the Greek Life.

Our program includes:

  • Packing by student, which allows for super-fast distribution
  • Award winning sales materials
  • Data entry of your order
  • Delivery on the day you want

So don’t get bogged down in the details of your fundraiser! Work with Neighbors Cookies and let us put our great products, programs, and services to work for you.