Creating a Fundraising Plan

Seven Essential Steps for Creating a Successful Fundraising Plan

If it’s been awhile since you last put together a group fundraiser — or maybe it’s your first time — you might be feeling a little lost. Our fundraiser planning guide will help you figure out where to start and how to put together the program that will best benefit your group.

1. Determine the group’s objective.

Are you trying to buy new uniforms or pay for group travel? Plan out both a dream-scenario version and a lower safety-net option that may not have all the bells and whistle, but will get the job done.

2. Set a fundraising goal.

Basically, calculate how much #1 will cost. The ideal solution should supply you with your fundraising goal, but the low-budget alternative can be a minimum you keep in mind throughout the process. You will measure success against this dollar amount throughout the process, so be sure it’s accurate and realistic.

3. Set individual goals.

Divide your group goal by the number of people who will be selling. Then look at the average cost of the fundraiser products you picked and calculate your goal for how many units each person should sell.

4. Create a fundraising calendar.

Plan out the start and ending dates of the sale, and when orders need to be submitted to your supplier in order to meet your goals for receiving revenue. Pencil in some key points to review your goals and and benchmark your progress.

5. Communicate with your group.

Get phone numbers and emails for your sellers, or the parents for a school or youth sports fundraiser. Be prepared to send text or email updates about progress on both group and individual goals, and reminders about the end date of the sale to ensure you get everything you need turned in on time.

6. Reach out locally.

Seek out civic or business partners that may be willing to support their community. Local businesses could make a bulk purchase as a gift for employees or share contact information in their company newsletter.

7. Kick off the sale.

You’re ready to sell! Be sure to encourage your group to use modern communication to their advantage. Email, texts, and social media are a great way to spread the word and bring in more orders.

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