Music, Choir, and Band Fundraisers

Great Music Fundraisers Start Here!

Looking for a way to afford those new uniforms, instruments, or a trip to summer camp for your student musical group? You’ve probably found a ton of fundraising ideas, but you know your success depends on how well those products sell. Neighbors offers a selection of delicious, reasonably-priced options for your fundraiser including our cookie dough and food shopper programs.

We help organize fundraisers for:

  • High School Marching Bands

  • Show Choirs

  • Student Orchestras

  • Jazz Bands

  • Vocal Choral Ensembles

  • A Capella Groups

How Much Money Can You Make? Your group will make great profits for sure, but the final total depends on the products you choose and the level of participation from your members. To give you a better idea of the potential revenue you can generate, connect with us and let our fundraising support team help develop a great plan for your next fundraiser.

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