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Great School Fundraisers Start Here!

When creating opportunities for your kids to learn and grow, no goal seems to big. Parents, teachers, and principals all fight to give students the best resources possible. You volunteer your time and buy supplies out of your own pocket, but a successful school fundraiser can deliver big-impact revenue. Get support from family, friends, and the community at-large with a Neighbors fundraiser selling delicious cookie dough and other gourmet food products.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Your group will make fantastic profits as a result of your fundraiser.Of course, the final profit total depends on the products you choose and the level of participation from your members. Connect with us today and learn how we can work together to raise funds for your group!

Our fundraising professionals have years of experience in helping groups all over the country meet and exceed fundraising goals, so connect with us today to learn how we can help your group raise funds. And did we mention we’ve helped groups raise over $500 million since our founding back in 1998? That’s a lot of dough for sure!

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