Elementary School Fundraisers

Successful Elementary School Fundraisers Start Here!

Don’t work so hard trying to raise money for your kids’ cause. Regardless if you’re a principal, parent, teacher, or group leader, if you’ve been looking for better elementary school fundraising ideas, we’ve got a delicious solution for you.

Plan a sale using cookie dough and other snacks, and you’ll haul in the revenue you need to meet your goals!

Neighbors Cookies has a program designed to fit the needs of school-wide fundraising events, student club funding needs, and PTO/PTA campaigns, so parents can help their kids make the most of these enriching times of their lives.

Raise money for:

  • PTA and PTO groups

  • School field trips

  • Music and choir groups

  • Computers for Students

  • Playground Equipment

  • Events like plays, musicals and talent shows

  • Classroom supplies

  • Teacher Appreciation gifts

  • And more!

Here’s the best part…You do the fun stuff, and let us take care of the rest. With a number of product options to choose from, you can select the perfect treats that will work best for your audience you’re selling to. Then we’ll make it simple by helping you calculate you how much you can make before you even get started. Our system allows you to plan and execute profitable fundraising campaigns with affordable products that everyone can enjoy.

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