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Fundraising Ideas
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Homeschool Association Fundraiser

A Successful Homeschool Association Fundraiser Starts Here!

Homeschooling is perhaps the ultimate in parental involvement in education, and we support you and your desire to Homeschool your children. Our Homeschool Association Fundraiser is designed to help raise funds quickly and painlessly, so you can continue providing great educational enrichment options to your children.

Our goal, our job if you will, is to help manage all the details of your fundraiser so you can get back to doing what you love to do–homeschooling! We’ve helped groups raise over $500 million since our founding in 1998, so rest assured we know how to jump right in and make your fundraiser a stunning success.

Raise money for:

  • School Supplies

  • Field Trips

  • Music and Choir groups

  • Events like plays, musicals and talent shows

  • Computers and related equipment

  • Athletic Equipment and Uniforms

  • And more!

How You Can Do It

Connect with us using the handy-dandy form on this page, and we will put the wheels of our finely-tuned fundraising process in motion for you. We have all the bells and whistles ready to go including data entry of your orders, packing by student, carefully controlled deliver, and much more. Don’t worry, we’ve thought of everything you’ll need to be successful and are ready to go to work as soon as you say “GO”!

Ready to get started?