Pom Pom Fundraisers

Bring the Spirit with Our Pom Pom Fundraisers

All of us here at Neighbors Cookies love the precision of a good pom pom team. Our pom pom fundraisers rely on the same type of precision in the execution of all aspects of the fundraiser. We’ve helped groups all over the country raise over $500 million since our founding in 1998, and we can absolutely help your pom pom team with your next fundraiser!

Along with the best cookie dough you’re ever going to taste, we also have a slew of services to dramatically reduce your workload in running a fundraiser. Our services include data entry, packing by seller, white glove delivery, and more. You have enough to do in managing your pom pom team, so don’t get bogged down with a fundraiser! Teaming up with Neighbors Cookies will prove to be the best fundraising decision you’ve ever made.

Our fundraising products are made right here inside our own manufacturing facility located in West Monroe, Louisiana. From gourmet cookie dough to tasty snacks, we spread the gourmet awesomeness over everything we produce. Your supporters deserve something delicious for supporting your team, so give them to very best.

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