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Distributor Web Track User Guide

About Web Track 2.1

Welcome to Web Track 2.1. Web Track is an order management system built for you, the Distributor, to submit all orders online directly to Neighbors Cookies. Web Track also provides you with complete visibility into your account at Neighbors Cookies.

  • Order Entry Module – visit the Web Track home page and click “New Order” to begin entering your online order.
  • View Open Orders – visit the Web Track home page and click “View Open” for visibility of all pending order shipments in your Neighbors Cookies order cue.
  • View History – visit the Web Track home page and click “View History” for visibility of all delivered orders submitted to Neighbors Cookies. All invoices with many different filtering options are available for you to export or print. Paid and Unpaid invoices are also noted for each invoice.
  • Edit Orders – visit the Web Track home page and click “Edit Order” to return to a saved student pack order.

Should you have any questions concerning the functionality of Web Track 2.1, please contact your Customer Service Representative at Neighbors Cookies: 888-297-9756.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my password?

Please contact your CSR to update your login information.

Can I save my student pack order and continue at a later time?

Yes. Icons on the data entry page are save points during order entry in case of power failure. These include “add leader” and “add seller” icons. Navigating to the next page will also save your data. It is recommended to complete a leader as a stopping point before choosing to log out.

How can I continue a student pack order after logging back on to Web Track?

Click “Edit Order” from the home screen toolbar and select the order you wish to resume and navigate to the next screen to continue your order.

Does Web Track have a time out feature?

Yes. Web Track will time out after 5 minutes of no activity. Data may be lost when placing certain order types. If this happens, log back in and start your order again. Student pack orders only can be resumed by selecting “Edit Order” from the home screen toolbar should a time out occur during entry.

Can my log in information be locked?

Yes. After a few unsuccessful attempts with the incorrect password, you will be locked out to protect your account. Please call or email your CSR to reset your login information.

What are my options for submitting late orders?

If you receive late orders after your original order has been submitted, you do not have the ability to change the order through Web Track. Please call or email your CSR for options. DO NOT attempt to submit the late orders separately unless you would like them shipped on a separate shipment and on a separate invoice.

How do I know if Neighbors Cookies has received my order?

When the order is submitted successfully, you will receive an order number. You can also click on “Open Orders” from the home screen toolbar to verify it is in the cue. See the order submit steps in the tutorial document.

When will I get a tracking number and ship date?

Once the order has been received by Neighbors Cookies, a CSR will verify all detail is submitted correctly. You will receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours via email or fax. If you do not receive your acknowledgement, please contact your CSR immediately.

What if I need to change my shipping information (delivery address, delivery date, or delivery time)?

Please call or email your CSR.